Oreo by computer

Well, I’m still a woman of a certain age, but no longer living in Castle Rock, CO.  I’ve moved to Irving, Texas for a new job.  I think I’m going to like it here. I’ve rented out my condo in Castle Rock, and am not enjoying being a long-distance landlord.I’m a woman of a certain age living in Castle Rock, Colorado, with my two cats, Andi and Oreo (I usually just call them both Idiot and they respond just as if I had used their names.) Andi is all black and doesn’t photograph well. 🙂 Oreo is the little pain in the neck hiding behind the computer.

My life so far has been above average for sure.  After graduating from college, I moved to Florida, where I taught first grade for four years, and fourth grade for one year.  I then accepted a teaching job with the Department of Defense, and taught first and second grades in Verona, Italy, for five years.  I fell in love with Italy, but I realized I didn’t want to teach school (at least elementary school).

So, I moved back to the States and tried to find a new career.  Didn’t happen.  Until one day, about one month after the end of the first Gulf war, I saw an ad in the Chicago Tribune for a math and computer instructor at a college in the United Arab Emirates.  I spent a  three great years there, but again realized that I still didn’t want to teach.

So, this time I came back to the States, and tried starting my own business.  This time my life lesson was that it is really, really hard to own your own business where you have to be out marketing yourself all the time, and also be doing the work the customer is paying you for.  So, after a truly enjoyable two years in New Jersey, I moved back to Florida.

This time I met a recruiter who looked at my resume and said that I’d make a great tech writer.  So, 14 years later, here I am.  For the most part, I really enjoy it.  The only part I don’t enjoy is when the job ends (darn that Bernie Ebbers!!) or the economy collapses.

When I’m not working, I’m doing one of the following:

  • playing on the computer (Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook is my current obsession!)
  • knitting
  • reading
  • watching my favorite TV shows
  • or a combination of the above.

On weekends, I enjoy seeing my adopted family, including my godson Casey and his brother Cameron, having dinner with friends, and going to church.  Weekends also mean house chores, which aren’t so fun.

I’m a conservative when it comes to politics, religion and my outlook on life.  I grew up in a different time…a time when we knew all of our neighbors, and we could just walk into any house on the block.  We all played outside after school, and we all went in about the same time for dinner.  There was always something to do, and we had fun.  My parents didn’t need to set up play dates. We did that ourselves…at school.  “Wanna come over and play Sorry?”  “Sure!” Or the whole neighborhood would get together in someone’s yard and play baseball or kickball or any of a variety of games. We all got along some days, and had fights on others.  But all in all, we had a good time.


Casey and Cameron, I think in 2008


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