As I navigate this time of unemployment, one of the most confusing parts is getting your résumé just right.  The problem is that everyone you talk with has a different idea of what makes the perfect resume.

I was talking to a friend today who is a recruiter, and she says there is no perfect standard.  Each hiring manager is looking for something else, however, they don’t tell anyone what that perfect resume looks like.  She told the story of one hiring manager who didn’t want to interview one of her clients.  When she asked why, noting that this candidate was seemingly a perfect fit for the job, the manager said, “He has references in the résumé!” Of course, there are bound to be other hiring managers out there that think references should be in the resume.

Looking online for guidance can be a mess of confusing and contradictory information.  Each article will tell you something different.  This  article will tell you the number of pages doesn’t matter, as long as the information is relevant.  The next article will tell you no more than two pages.  At one of my networking groups, one of the guys got a job after posting his résumé for only nine days, and his résumé is seven pages long!

I’m going to stick with two pages for now.  I’ll keep tweaking the wording, and hopefully, I’ll stumble upon the right resume for the right job.